"Don't shrink back to meet expectations of others". Kris Carr

Defend Our Republic

from unprincipled policies of sanctuary cities, states & the existence of Deep State, within government. 

Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act


Let us Defend Our Republic to rally all in Ohio's 13th District, to the Inherent optimism of that blessed form of government, for opportunity and prosperity for all Americans.

Making it fair for those at enmity with Our Republic, has no moral equivalence to its Defense. RM (in 2016)


_Veterans in crisis can call 1-800-273-TALK, (1-800-273-8255) press option #1

Shut Down ROBO Trading & Cut Spending 11-22-19.


Here is what I will do.

__Set Ohio's 13th District US Rep. Office as

    Service Oriented. 

_2nd, Cut $30 B from Defense Spending on

  Bureaucracy & Possible cancel Ford Class

  Carrier with catapult issue recently resolved &

  present ongoing ordnance lifts issues, following

  the John F. Kennedy carrier and Enterprise. 

_Cut College subsidies and special tax treatment,

  particularly of Ive League Schools having great


-Cut $46B in un-merited Taps on SS, 

-Cut $28 B Medicare ,

-Cut $18 B Medicaid ,

-Cut $60 B Discretionary Spending Why?

  We The People (Our Republic) is facing a

  liquidity crisis as of October 2019 if not before

  due to Bank Deregulation long ago.

  Dilemma; The above adds up to present daily QE

  by the Federal Reserve.

  The Fed has US is in another QE phase.

  RM 11/24/2019

-3rd, Set Health Care as Market (competition)


-4th., Put the blind fold back on Justice rather

  then weighted by whimsy of destructive cutting

  edge popular delusively aesthetic expression

  (anarchy). As in Support for approving

  constitutional judges, by The US Senate.

--A President can not do it all. Elect Defense of

   Our Republic into OUR US Congress (House and

   Senate). RM

__Prohibit States of this Union granting Drivers

    Licenses to illegal Entries, this effectively

   subverts local, national elections and

   drains resources from US Citizens of

   standing, being a Power NOT Granted to the



Check out this great video . 

A History Refresher 

I have no connection with John Stossel.

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Leftist D's so complex & Adjustable they are unverifiable


Attack On Our Republic

Here is just a little bit of it !

Sebastian Gorka DrG on Nov.2 

Eric Ciaramella:- Sent by John Brennan

to the White House

  1. Worked for Ambassador Rice 
  2. Advised Joe Biden on “Ukraine policy” 
  3. Invited DNC operative Alexandra Chalup to NSC  
  4. Coordinated illegally with Rep. Adam Schiff as fake whistleblower 

Ohio Rep. Jordan. 4 Points Not Changing, 

  1. NO Quid pro quo 
  2. Pres. Zelensk said there was Nothing bad about the Phone Call, 
  3. Ukrainians had no knowledge of the hold on aid at time of Call and for one month after, being late August.  
  4. The Ukrainians accomplished NO Action to free the Aid On Hold.



The whistleblower protection, is the ROCK the Material Witness ran to for COVER. The Whistleblower Assertion Is After The Fact of being a Material Witness


Richard Morckel

Making it fair for those at enmity with Our Republic, is NO moral equivalence to its defense. 


The Continuation of Our Republic is in the best interest of us all.



Check out this great video


I need More business cards. Now on order

Some candidates call out an incumbent for un-filled promises, some assert they are going to challenging leaders in Wash. D.C. to be better.

  1. Listing & verifying promises of an incumbent is as interesting as reading the minutes of an Oversight Committee.
  2. Be better at what? Maybe Spending?

                Our National debt is now at $23 trillion.

                Or maybe for some its challenging

                leaders in D.C. to

                be better at subverting our Nation

                with unassimilated populations found in 

                non-existent, "No-Go Zones".

               (Merited Cynicism)

               As we consider Washington D.C.'s 

               duplicity,  let's remember our 2020 federal

               deficit will be 1.1 trillion $.  It is not a

               Pres.Trump problem, it is our Congress.

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Update on NVP effort null & voiding Electoral College

Update on NVP effort to void Electoral College

The unopposed NPV (National Popular Vote) Flanking Attack upon Our Republic, by domestic Leftist have now taken 15 states, equaling 196 electoral votes, 74 votes remain for 270 needed to wreck Our Republic form of government for un-challengeable domination of Presidential  election favoring fragile democracy. 

History more than demonstrates, as exampled with Athens Greece, Democracy, is un-sustainable.

There is plenty more cause for Defense of Our Republic, Border security, and Spending reductions too secure the gains realized by tax cuts. Growing National debt is yet another mark against us. It should not be so.

Get some passion for Defense of Our Republic


The above photo is Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch

and myself at his speaker engagement in Ohio on May 11, 2019

About Us


Push Back

We still have the opportunity to check the growth of Federal Government, spending, and decline, 

by Advancing, Republic, as our preeminent form of government. 

Let us prioritize the best action items, to assert our relevance over global monopolies dominating, not just one aspect, yet all aspects of life in Our United States.

The growth of Relative truth has led many of our citizenry from holding on to precepts and principles, causing an accelerated growth in national debt and deprivation.

The election 

of Donald Trump to President in 2016, is being realized by an ever greater portion of Our Nation to have prevented immediate & lasting distress. 

At this date Oct.25,2019, Time is of essence, in that the US House Democrats, has the temerity to hold secret Impeachment Hearings, excluding the GOP Members. This is an extreme offense against Our Republic. What is even Worst, "betrayal". The US Senate could at this very moment, squelch this great offense by passing a motion to dismiss the charges, on the grounds such an impeachment inquiry is base-less, not even close to standard of impeachable offense, thus un-constitutional. I understand this and state I agree, dismissal must be accomplished by the US Senate.

It is about you, it is about , 

"Defense of Our Republic"

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