No War on Our Republic. OPEN OHIO FOR BUSINESS. Fight only COVID-19.

No War on Our Republic. OPEN OHIO FOR BUSINESS. Fight only COVID-19.

No War on Our Republic. OPEN OHIO FOR BUSINESS. Fight only COVID-19.No War on Our Republic. OPEN OHIO FOR BUSINESS. Fight only COVID-19.

The Close Down to prevent COVID-19 spread was and is an economic attack by Globalist.

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Care for fellow citizens, by the defense of Our Republic. No Pied Piper stuff.

General Assembly has put in place a plan that will allow all Ohioans to continue voting by mail until April 28.      Vote by mail. What BS!

Consider the use of Ionization Curtains. IF Ozone is used for treating, Room must be Unoccupied, then it must be Aired Out

The Dems have spent 3 years plus at a coup attempt against Our Republic that failed, and still had to have their pork in the COVID-19 Relief Spending. With that said, welfare is welfare, even to big players. We must pass once again, Glass Steagall. RM 03/29/2020

The Democrats in Washington D.C. have focused on pushing the terrible Green Deal policy and stopping the lawsuit against ObamaCare, holding hostage the immediate action regard to COVID-19. And thanks to AG Barr, 39,000,000 masks just showed up. 03/27/20. At 65 yrs. old  I have picked up warehouse work to preserve the flow of commerce. Grocery Stores are in need as well for additional help. RM 

I am advocating Air Ionization Curtain over areas of congregation and a 2 or 3 step Walk Through Enclosed Ozone Archway for Virus Mitigation. 03/27/2020 RM 



Check out my latest video before March 17th, 2020, Ohio Primary. Not addressed in the video is that the Democrats are once again taking advantage, this time of Coronavirus outbreak by packing the 2nd attempted spending bill with many leftist spending measures. President Trump's early action limited the impact of this more than the usual infectious virus. Even so, let us not destroy Our Republic, in the process of checking COVID-19.   RM

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President Trump

Let us not allow Wash. D.C., or Columbus Ohio, the complete shutdown of our Republic and State.

We must remind our Government, the WAR is against COVID-19.

As well, Gov. DeWine illegally stopped the March 17th Primary Vote.


Mission statement; Defense of Our Republic. Meaning, the continuation of our Republic is in the best interest of us all.

    Pro Service Oriented 13th District U.S. House Office. My First actionable item.

    Pro-Life. Note Planned Parenthood takes nearly $1.7 million of our tax dollars a


    Pro-Declare Fentanyl a Weapon of Mass Destruction. 

    Pro-2nd Amendment

    Pro Prohibition of Lobbyist writing bills for U.S., HOUSE or Senate.

    Pro Concealed Carry yearly training requirement.

    Pro Strong Military

    Pro Space Force HQ to the Ravenna Arsenal, now called Camp Garfield.

    Pro Veterans

    Pro-Family Farmer

    Pro-Strategic Planning. U.S. Mfg. medicine, electronics, etc. to meet Strategic needs.

    Pro Glass Steagall Act, separating banking from investment houses.

    Pro Electoral College, an essential component of Our Republic.

    Pro pay off the IOUs held by Social Security.

    Pro Expunge FISA

    "My Out There" idea is to build a canal through the United Arab Emirates.

---Opposed to Subsidies, Grants and Give-Aways. Oh yes, $700 Billion worth.

__Opposed of Federal Funding for the WELL Healed Ivy League 8

__FYI, the Pentagon failed Trump's Audit. Hello!

__Opposed to Federal Employee performance bonuses. Its a calling, not a job.

__Opposed to a universal vote by mail! This is another clear attack on Our

    Republic. Gov, DeWine has played to this by last-minute circumventing the

   Legislature in resetting the Ohio Election Primary date, regardless of the reason.

__Oposed to Ballot Harvesting

__Oppose, Quantitive Easing (puffing securities) of which is caused by Congress.

__Opposed to Bailouts. This is adding a burden upon burden, so reappropriate

    Pro Market-Based Health Care. Abundance comes from market competition.

    Pro great Reductions in deficit Spending.

    Pro Lean Out spending of Federal Agencies.

    Pro Lean Out The Pentagon bureaucracy.

__Opposed to Companies & affiliates with Gov. Contracts donating to any PAC.

__Opposed to pork spending bill attachments.

__Opposed to subsidies for Solar Power.  This market is on its own now.

__Opposed to subsidies for Wind Power.  Not-viable due to, precious metals &


__Opposed Welfare Benefits for Illegal Aliens and UN Refugees.

__Opposed to Chain Migration.  

    Pro Wall. As exampled here, reappropriate funds to fight COVID-19.

__The only reason Congress can assign you and I and generations to come with massive debt is that the U.S. Dollar is the global trade currency.  For Trade Currency Abuse alone, WE BETTER HAVE THE BEST Military Force. To relieve that pressure, start Spending Reductions, even Now. Richard Morckel 03/24/2020

The actions to date ok, except for Ohio Gov. DeWine bypassing Ohio law to postpone the Primary date.  Ok, Thus far 27 states have mobilized components of the Army and Air National Guard to assist in their state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Note that No such enthusiasm exists from state governments for deploying to defend our nation's borders.

The Fed Government action is OK, except for the House and Senate BAILOUT.  The appropriate good government action would have been to re-appropriate from Fed Agencies, reducing their budgets. Only because we are a debt-driven economy, more importantly, the dollar is the global trade currency,  is it easy for Congress to play the feel-good instant 3rd party, bipartisan often used option, the bailout. Globalist Politics is Prevelling in this Overdone Crisis. YOU are being played.   Our Republic is being HIT HARD by globalist politics.  I appeal to you to support re-passing The Glass Steagall Act. And do not allow mandatory vaccines.   03/20/2020  RM

Delivering a HIT on Our Republic is not Leadership. Measured Response must be the Rule. Ohio Governor DeWine and cabinet overreached and messed up the Primary Election.  Concurrent with the madness is the liquidity crisis that I have attempted to bring to light. Politicians nor national pundits bothered to regard it.  Thus the Virus Issue is now used as cover to the bailout of the long-lived larceny that was self-evident at the time of TARP.  Now, all of Washington D.C. wants to cut us in on the bailout. A little something for We The People, the Human Resource.  

We must stop margin loans that allow one to borrow 70% of the value of securities already own. 

We must pass the Glass Steagall Act, which was repealed in 1999. 

Concurrent to the COVID-19 Crisis, congress stays with the same old pattern of taking advantage and acting against our republic as in the EB-5 visa program, the selling of U.S. citizenship. 03/19/2020

I believe Robert Santos can accomplish a lot with little.
I could claim those credentials too. In 2016 I raised zero dollars, yes I ask for no donations. I spent $700.00 of my own and received 99,377 votes. In 2018, the GOP nominee spent $91,000 and received 1,300 fewer votes. Comparing those two elections reveals there is a core of 100,000 votes for the conservative candidate. The issue is in the hands of some 50,000 Independent voters in Ohio's 13th District US House, to realize the preservation of our Republic is in the best interest of all of us.


Public Charge Rule long standing back to 1800's V in SCOTUS

Morckel4Congress, Ohio's 13th District runs from Youngstown to Barberton.

POINT OF ORDER: the following is the difference between a Republican and, "Defense of Our Republic" Republican. Ever wonder WHY, there has never been a Break between Speaker Boehner, Speaker Paul Ryan and rest of GOP in The House? Observe, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy unveiled costly tax credits for carbon capture. Meaning Bipartisan BS is using GROWTH to SPEND MORE, & not Reducing Deficit Spending. Vote Morckel Mar.17

Myself on left & Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch May 2019.

Hello President Trump, Allow market corrections.

My 1st Action, establish Service to 13th District of Ohio

2nd, Secure Gains by Deficit Reductions_ NO Sanctuary cities, Pro LIFE/ Market Driven Healthcare/2ndA / WALL / Glass-Steagall Act /doubt QE4 is Not for Stocks/ Defense Dept Lean out bureaucracy/ Secure SS & Reform Disability Ins.-Stop Sedition OF Drivers Licenses to Illegals -NO Negative Interest /NO wind/solar funding

Morckel 4 Congress, donate below

By clicking "Donate" I certify that the following statements are true and accurate:

I am at least 18 years old, this contribution is made from my personal credit or debit card with my own personal funds and is not made from the general treasury funds of a corporation, labor organization, national bank, or entity or person that is a federal contractor, and I will not be reimbursed for this contribution by another person. I am a U.S. citizen or a lawfully admitted permanent resident, and I am not a foreign national or a federal contractor.

Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Federal Election Law requires us to report the name, address, occupation, and employer for contributions that aggregate in excess of $200 in an election cycle. The maximum an individual may contribute is $2,800 per election ($5,600 per couple), with the primary and general elections treated separately.

Contributions from corporations, labor organizations, and foreign nationals without permanent residency status (“green cards”) are prohibited.


Socialism leads to dumb anguish  

Picture show state Governors wanting to spend $100k for each

Are you ready for the full fight? Its been On for a longtime

Many GOP Governors still asking for Trump to send them more refugees. Oh. Gov. DeWine is one of those Purple Republicans. I , Richard Morckel, am calling for Expunging UN Refugee Resettlement. For any US vetted Refugee, NO Fast Track to US Citizenship. Jan.10, 2020 TexasGov. says NO Refugees. I say NO More Subversion !

Leftist D's so complex & Adjustable they are unverifiable


Attack On Our Republic

Here is just a little bit of it !

Sebastian Gorka DrG on Nov.2 

Eric Ciaramella:- Sent by John Brennan

to the White House

  1. Worked for Ambassador Rice 
  2. Advised Joe Biden on “Ukraine policy” 
  3. Invited DNC operative Alexandra Chalup to NSC  
  4. Coordinated illegally with Rep. Adam Schiff as fake whistleblower 

Ohio Rep. Jordan. 4 Points Not Changing, 

  1. NO Quid pro quo 
  2. Pres. Zelensk said there was Nothing bad about the Phone Call, 
  3. Ukrainians had no knowledge of the hold on aid at time of Call and for one month after, being late August.  
  4. The Ukrainians accomplished NO Action to free the Aid On Hold.



The Whistleblower status claim is After The Fact of being Coup Conspirator


Richard Morckel

Making it fair for those at enmity with Our Republic, is NO moral equivalence to its defense. 2016


The Continuation of Our Republic is in the best interest of us all.

RM 2020


Credit the Trump econ yet go slow. . .

. . . Relax not, for without a change in Congress, & without allowing market corrections, and without Congress reduction of  federal spending, Trump can only hold the line, for his time in office.  02/09/2020

neodymium : 4Wind Pwr.Magnets mined in China, lake now toxic

Nov. 18, 1990, the 101st Congress ( Quietly ) repealed McCarran Warner Act of 1952 forbidding Muslims from holding office.

Vision of my office Operation.

Check out this great video

Hello, I am Richard Morckel.

This is a GREAT video we all should view.    Please do. 


Check out this great video about Obama Care and the measure of Leftist. Do not dismiss the part Purple Republicans played and play even now as evidenced with present (Not READ) 2020 Omnibus BILL. Break tradition and Vote For MORCKEL , Independents, Dems, & GOP on ....March 17

OF 3,141 counties in the US,Trump Won 3,084 Clinton won 57.

Update on NVP effort to void Electoral College

The unopposed NPV (National Popular Vote) Flanking Attack upon Our Republic, by domestic Leftist have now taken 15 states, equaling 196 electoral votes, 74 votes remain for 270 needed to wreck Our Republic form of government for un-challengeable domination of Presidential  election favoring fragile democracy. 

History more than demonstrates, as exampled with Athens Greece, that Democracy, is un-sustainable.

We are a Republic for that reason. There is plenty of cause for Defense of Our Republic, Border security, and Spending reductions to secure the gains realized by tax cuts. Growing National debt is yet another mark against us. It should not be so.


Get some passion for Defense of Our Republic

The above photo is Taxpayer March on Washington. On September 12, 2009,

State Dept. slow walks disclosures. Secretary Pompeo


Push Back

We still have the opportunity to check the growth of Federal Government, spending, and decline, 

by Advancing Republic, as our preeminent form of government. 

Let us prioritize the best action items, to assert our relevance over global monopolies dominating, not just one aspect, yet all aspects of life in Our United States.

The growth of Relative truth has led many of our citizenry from holding on to precepts and principles, causing an accelerated growth in national debt and deprivation.

The election 

of Donald Trump to President in 2016, is being realized by an ever greater portion of Our Nation to have prevented immediate & lasting distress. 

At this date Oct.25,2019, Time is of essence, in that the US House Democrats, has the temerity to hold secret Impeachment Hearings, excluding the GOP Members. This is an extreme offense against Our Republic. What is even Worst, "betrayal". The US Senate could at this very moment, squelch this great offense by passing a motion to dismiss the charges, on the grounds such an impeachment inquiry is base-less, not even close to standard of impeachable offense, thus un-constitutional. I understand this and state I agree, dismissal must be accomplished by the US Senate.

It is about you, it is about , 

"Defense of Our Republic"

Please support my effort.

My Defense of Our Republic Blog


Check out this great video