Election for Republic of Pro Life & Growth secured by Spending Cuts.

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My name is Richard Morckel.  With a full-time job, I ran in 2016 having quietly started late Oct. 2015 realizing it was a make or break time for Our Republic, and discovering no challenger in place against Rep. Tim Ryan . Subsequently I received 99,377 votes, having spent $700.00 .

In that year many thought of the pending election , if Hillary won, it would mean pervasive dumb anguish and having stood up for defense of Our Republic, we then would be on the wrong side, a sinister side of history. 

Fortunately, Trump won. 

Now, we see the witch hunt against President Trump, to distract the much less aware from the betrayal of the accusers.

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Update on NVP effort null & voiding Electoral College

Update on NVP effort to void Electoral College

The unopposed NPV (National Popular Vote) Flanking Attack upon Our Republic, by domestic Leftist have now taken 15 states, equaling 196 electoral votes, 74 votes remain for 270 needed to wreck Our Republic form of government for un-challengeable domination of Presidential election favoring fragile democracy. 

History more than demonstrates, as exampled with Athens Greece, Democracy, is un-sustainable.

There is plenty more cause for Defense of Our Republic, Border security, and Spending reductions too secure the gains realized by tax cuts. Growing National debt is yet another mark against us. It should not be so.

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The above photo is Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch

and myself at his speaker engagement in Ohio on May 11, 2019

About Us


Push Back

We still have the opportunity to check the growth of Federal Government, spending, and decline. 

By Advancing Republic as our preeminent form of government

we prioritize the best action item to assert Our relevance over global monopolies dominating, not just one aspect, yet all aspects of life in Our United States.

The growth of Relative truth has led many of our citizenry from holding on to precepts and principles, causing an accelerated growth in national debt and deprivation.

And the election 

of Donald Trump to President in 2016, is being realized by an ever greater portion of Our Nation to have prevented lasting distress.

The Platform

Serving The Community

Increase percentage of grant dollars reaching community needs of low income citizens.

I, Richard Morckel have been part of this community for many years. To make it a better place requires Defense of our Sovereign Republic. That must include Pro Life,, opposed to the madness of abortion. Then with access for public review, and the Judicious disposition of Grant monies for greater affect in Ohio's 13th District. Add to that, the increase from 70% to not less than 80 percent of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds that must be used for activities that benefit low- and moderate-income persons, We can make credible use of said dollars and work the debt down.  Look , I am talking about basic needs in the vain of what unemployment accomplishes and not the propping up of life style.  

Empire Building , fueled by the, " Gov. Grant Beast" has been ongoing,  and in pace with national debt. For the shallow professional Politician, budgeting Fed Agencies for wider , higher and deeper "Grants" is the stuff re-elections are made of.  It is for US to see the Growth, in full view of President Trump's initiated Tax Cuts, that now is the time to reduce government spending short of the military,

United By A Common Goal

At the end of 8 years following the making of this picture, 10 Trillion $ was added to Our National Debt. Fight Big Gov.

The action of supporting Government growth, is to support the promise of dumb anguish.

The Question has been established. Do, "We The People" meaning Our Republic, remain tranquil, before the expanse against our sovereignty for liberty and justice, for temporal pretense of peace and livelihood, in exchange for not challenging tyranny, subsidized by larceny.

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Can't defend our Republic without your help. Handouts, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping our nation of which is only possible by preserving Our Republic. Many actions are at work that will destroy Our Republic. Example, the witch hunt against President Trump and the trashing of Our Electoral College.

Electoral College = , "We The People".