Ohio's Proposed Red Flag Law should be Leftist BLUE

My contention is, Pink Slip law exist, (OHIO Revised Code Section 5122.10) and it is that said shooters, again and again have been shown

to be existing threats, yet even Law Enforcement has been turning away. Then what happens, 

CAUSE for comprehensive examination that will predictively be abused by Leftist Democrats and Purple Republicans. It is to say, DeWine's proposal, ignores,, perhaps even dereliction of utilizing law that is On the Books, being waxed over for greater cause against Our Republic. It is an unaddressed credibility issue. As it is, Professional Politicians never let a cultivated crisis go to waste. RM 09/13/2019

The issue is with the shooters posturing prior to said crime, is being ignored. Period.

The Ohio Government and local government and Fed Government are absent credibility of intervening with these cases, even direct or supposed indirect threats as in one ( even celebrities) saying this or that should be done to a particular person.

I cite you the 911 Enemy Combatants. They were KNOW. Law Enforcement turn away. The very Agent leading the case (John Patrick O'Neill Feb. 6, 1952 – Sept. 11, 2001) was Forced Out of the FBI. Following that, he became the Head of Twin Tower security and die in the collapsing Towers, forced by dereliction of Law Enforcement duty. Subsequent events, directs to unavoidable conclusion, "by design". RM 09/13/2019